It's nice to meet you!

I’m Elaine Matthias, a digital product designer
using design skills and business savvy
to build better user experiences.

Century 21 Department Stores

Investing in a Web Store Re-platform

Century 21 needed more sophisticated e-commerce functionality and sought out my employer, Optaros, to rebuild their web store on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Optaros specializes in e-commerce platforms and the accompanying system integrations.


Automotive Art Paints

Launching a New Brand

An established automotive paint manufacturer wanted to attract attention in the US market with a new brand and web store. By launching a new web store, YoCoat.com, Automotive Arts sought to bring their automotive paints directly to the customer.


United States Postal Service

Ship Shape Augmented Reality App

The United States Postal Service commissioned a research study to identify and mitigate potential usability issues before launching a new augmented reality mobile app.


How I Can Help

Interaction Design

Using wireframes and technical documentation, I leverage UI design pattern best practices to build user-friendly websites with sensible interactivity.

Technical Documentation

Feature Value Maps, Gap Analysis, Experience maps, and annotationed wireframes are all important parts of my design process when I document decisions throughout the course of a project.


Testing the functionality of idea can help refine key elements of the implementation, ensuring that the design’s logic is both functional and logical from the user’s perspective.

User Research

Feature Value Maps, Gap Analysis, Experience maps, and annotations are all useful tools to document decisions at key points in the project.

Design Audit

Every web site or app benefits from having an expert set of eyes perform a heuristic review or solicit user research on a feature. An audit is an easy, inexpensive way to lend focus or outside opinions to a project. I partner with NANO Web Group when performing an audit, learn more here.

Design Workshop

Collaboration and alignment are critical stages of the design process; workshops help everyone on the project team exercise their voice, surface knowledge, or identify gaps. Working together helps elicit empathy and support that keeps a project’s momentum.

Where to Find Me

I’m currently available for new projects. Send me a message and let’s discuss how I can help you.